Columbia University

Faculty of Arts and Sciences

Promotion and Tenure Committee

The Executive Vice President for Arts and Sciences depends on a standing committee to conduct an Arts and Sciences level evaluation whenever a department or school recommends a candidate for tenure. The purpose of this evaluation is to assess whether the department or school level review was rigorous and substantive and to ensure that all Arts and Sciences candidates meet the same high standards. In this way, a faculty of the highest quality and distinction will be maintained.

The standing committee – the Promotion and Tenure Committee (PTC) – serves in an advisory capacity to the Executive Vice President who determines whether or not the candidate should be recommended to the Provost for tenure. The Arts and Sciences standing committee is administered on behalf of the Executive Vice President by the Divisional Dean of Humanities.

The PTC consists of 12 full professors in the Faculty of Arts and Sciences, representing the three divisions, who serve for three year terms. The PTC members are appointed by the Executive Vice President in consultation with the Planning and Policy Committee (PPC). The chair of the PTC is appointed by the Executive Vice President in consultation with the PTC.



Social Sciences

Matt Jones (Chair)

James R. Barker Professor of Contemporary Civilization

Elizabeth Blackmar

Professor of History

Jeffrey LaxProfessor of Political

Stephanie Schmitt-Grohé

Professor of Economics

Bruce Western

Bryce Professor of Sociology and Social Justice

Thomas DiPrete Giddings Professor of
Branden W. JosephFrank Gallipoli Professor of Modern and Contemporary
Elizabeth Ladenson

Professor of French and Romance Languages

George Lewis (on leave)

Edwin H. Case Professor of Music

Frances Negron-Muntaner

Professor of English & Comparative Literature

Sharon Marcus (from 1/1/20)

Orlando Harriman Professor of English

Wayne Proudfoot (Fall only)

Professor of Religion

Gareth WilliamsAnton Professor of Latin Language and

Natural Sciences

Ivan Corwin

Professor of Mathematics

Stuart FiresteinProfessor of Biological

Lam Hui

Professor of Physics

Colin Nuckolls

Sheldon and Dorothy Buckler Professor of Material Science

Sarah Woolley

Professor of Psychology



A&S Tenure Review Guidelines

The tenure review guidelines can be downloaded here


Provost's Office Tenure Review Guidelines

The tenure review guidelines can be downloaded  here